Vrede vinden in jezelf


Quotes pathwork lectures E2019

Week 1: Lecture 240: Let your consciousness align itself with the divine will of loving yourself; loving yourself without indulging yourself, without whitewashing your lower self; seeing it straight, and loving your beautiful structure, loving your incarnation, loving all that is around you, even that which seems to infringe in some way on you. Recognize its lesson and begin to love it.

Week 2: Lecture 162: You struggle against the fulfillment of being your true self as if this were the most horrible fate in the world. If the illusion about the separation between your true being and your momentary consciousness, or the separation between the universe and yourself, would not exist, there would be an instant awakening — a “click,” as it were — and you would know who you are and what life is.

Week 3: Lecture 175: You still overlook the tremendous significance of what you create with your consciousness. And your being disconnected from it causes the real, the worst, suffering. There is no other suffering as acute as the one when you do not know that you have created what you experience.

Week 4: Lecture 159: When the emotional awakening comes, it is world shaking. It is as though you would shed the burden of unnecessary shackles and discover the great freedom of the world, of growing, of being, of reaching out and experiencing life. Then nothing stands in the way any longer of growing and growing and growing — in more strength, in integrity, in love and wisdom, in the power to create, in awareness of things as they really are, in the ability to experience pleasure supreme.

Week 5: Lecture 258: Imagine that your true being — which means your being in truth, all in truth — observes that suffering part of you, the part that is squeezed into a smaller world in which you sometimes appear to suffocate. Your real being that is without any shades of untruthfulness, error, distortion (sin) is therefore in total well-being. There is no pain there. This true being observes your earth being that has undertaken to correct the distorted part. It observes with compassion for the momentary difficulties, but without tragedy, for it knows that all is well and that the temporary suffering must lead to salvation.

Week 6: Lecture 116: If you look outside in order to alleviate your isolation, you must become more isolated. If you look inside in order to alleviate it, you may appear to isolate yourself from others through this process of apparent self-concern, but you will then lessen the isolation and separateness that often causes so much suffering and loneliness.

Week 7: Lecture 189: Every minute of depression or anxiety, every hopeless or otherwise negative attitude towards a situation, contains various other options. But it requires an act of inner will on your part to waken forces in you that are now dormant and to make them available. Then, when the already available potentialities are being used, a much greater power of spiritual consciousness unfolds as an organic expression, gradually.

Week 8: Lecture 216: In the truly fulfilled life, difficulties are increasingly treated as stepping stones, doors to yet new liberations and finally cease to be experienced as difficulties.

Week 9: Lecture 165: You must learn to become calm with your mind and stop denying the feelings through the mind’s agitatedness of fitting the hurtful event into fixed images and theories. Let it be! Feel what you feel, without having to do anything, either in action or in reasoning it out. Then you will experience a wonderful process. The negative, painful feeling will by itself dissolve, very naturally.