Vrede vinden in jezelf


Quotes pathwork lectures E2020

Week 1: Lecture 126: Most of you have made sufficient progress to know that what you leave behind was unnecessary hardship and that the growth you move toward, the new way of life you adopt, is indeed much easier than what you so tightly held on to.

New Year: lecture 130: Blessed be this new year you start. May it be crowned with success in your endeavors for spiritual growth.

Week 2: Lecture 137: Your inner center is the divine consciousness. It permeates the entire universe, it comprises all. Hence, the inner center of one human being is one with the inner center of every other human being.

Week 3: Lecture 77: If you are in harmony with the stream of life, giving yourself up to it, whatever comes your way will smoothly carry you forward.

Week 4: Lecture 33: What robs you of your peace and inner harmony is never what others do, but always and solely your own wrong attitudes and inner fights against conditions you cannot change and, what is more, you are not supposed to change. You are supposed to change yourself.