Vrede vinden in jezelf


Quotes pathwork lectures E2023

Week 1: Lecture 37: “Ask yourself in testing time: “What do I mean by feeling that way? Am I struggling against this? Doesn’t my struggle mean that I reject in pride and self-will the lesson life has to teach me? Isn’t the fact that I am afraid of this lesson a sign that I love myself too much, being afraid of all the little hurts and disadvantages?”

Week 2: QA232: “You die many, many times, just as you are born many, many times. A lifetime is but a day from a different measurement system. It is but a dream you have during a night in a different measurement system.”

Week 3: Lecture 133: “To the extent an individual is capable of experiencing and expressing real love, to exactly that degree is he capable of manifesting constructive, healthy anger. Both come from the inner self.”

Week 4: Lecture 148: When you feel envy or, the other side of the same coin, the need to impress others or be better than they, try to feel the constructive power behind this need. For this need is only a distortion of the inborn urge to realize the best in you. When you do this, you will no longer find yourself blocked and paralyzed.”

Week 5: QA 150: “The fear of happiness is a general condition that exists in every human soul, and most human beings are not aware of this fear. And the way most human beings handle it is that they unconsciously destroy the possibility to realize this happiness.”

Week 6: Lecture 218: “Ask yourself about whatever happens to you every day and every hour of your life: “How could this be a message or a reflection or an indication or a sign of a total picture about my life and its course that I still do not completely grasp?”