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English YouTube meditations

English YouTube meditations

There are so many beautiful meditations hidden in the Pathwork Lectures. I feel it as my task to make these meditations more familiar. As I am very dedicated to the Pathwork lectures, I started after an inspiration of my inner self almost 15 years ago with weekly quotes in English and Dutch. Since the covid-19 crisis, my inner self inspired my to make YouTube videos of longer quotes from which the weekly quote is just a part. Every meditation with Tibetan bowls and chimes sets up a powerful force and you will feel relaxation at the same time.

I am guided to certain quotes in certain lectures and from reactions I receive it seems like this particular item is shared by the receivers, e.g. Jan Rigsby reacts: “Your weekly quotes have been amazingly ’spot-on’, relevant, helpful, and overall fantastic. I very much appreciate them. I often include them in my weekly notices.”

English YouTube meditations 2020

English YouTube meditations 2021

 English YouTube meditations 2022

The link on my YouTube channel Aquariusmens for both the English and Dutch meditations is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jBq_flsUApe4OC2_wSeow/videos

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