Vrede vinden in jezelf


Quotes pathwork lectures E2021

Week 1: QA204: In the stillness of my innermost being lies the power to endure bliss, pleasure, love, and mutuality. I call upon this power to give love, to feel love, to experience love, to receive love, to vibrate with love,  to not control it with the mind and the outer will, to flow with it.

Week 2: Lecture 137: In the areas of your momentary problem you will formulate the one constructive wish to reach inside and deliberately activate that vaster divine self that dwells deep within you.

Week 3: Lecture 56: Learn to investigate your reactions, and ask yourself what the meaning and further significance of them may be. What do they imply? What lies behind the emotions you register in the most casual incidents of your life?  What is the emotion you register just at first, and what is behind it?

Week 4: Lecture 168: If you are in fear, therefore cramped, therefore alienated from the life force in you, you must really face the fear on the deepest level.

Week 5: QA137: You can only make up and receive and fill your needs when you forget inwardly the past, when you are done with it, when you start on a new clean slate as an adult and grown-up, when you discover the great freedom and strength of giving love. Then you are healed.

Week 6: Lecture 45: If you wish to find out who you are, you have to ascertain first what your desires are in each of your daily reactions.

Week 7: Lecture 163: “All the pain and frustration the average human being goes through in the course of a lifetime is exclusively the result of not knowing your true identity. And the constant struggle of living is that you unconsciously know that there is something to recapture, there is some secret key that could open life.”

Week 8: Lecture 166: “If you do not meet that in you which freezes and paralyzes the living spirit, it is impossible to be moved and lived by the living spirit.”

Week 9: Lecture 168: “When the fundamental creative process is not obstructed and the ongoing process is functional and harmonious, the endless continuum of creation spreads and floods over with joy and well-being.”

Week 10: QA171: “Soul substance is the creative matter that formulates people’s lives. And all the concepts and the beliefs and ideas and the sum total of what the personality expresses formulates his personal soul substance. It is the blueprint for his life.”

Week 11: Lecture 41: “Karma is nothing else but cause and effect. The same law works within one life span. If you find in this present life your images and wrong conclusions, you will see cause and effect clearly demonstrated, by understanding, seeing, and experiencing in your own person the truth of the law of cause and effect.”

Week 12: QA 121: “The ideal state to be is to find the security within yourself, which can only happen that you accept yourself as you are: an imperfect, limited human being.”

Week 13: Lecture 27: “Many of you seriously desire to fulfill a task for God’s vineyard. But have you ever asked yourself whether you are truly ready for it? Are you really willing to sacrifice? For sacrifice is necessary. Ask yourself why you want to do it.”

Week 14: Lecture 82: “Jesus’ reappearance to His disciples clearly illustrates, ‘After my ordeal and after having met my ordeal in the full sense, without pretense and self-deception, having gone through it to the ultimate, I now live in the true sense of the word, in the full sense of the word. You, too, can do it. You do not have to wait for physical death, for you die many deaths every day, in all your little ordeals and struggles. In the manner that you meet these is determined the subsequent life and fullness of joy that can be yours. If you meet these ordeals and struggles in a similar spirit of truthfulness, you will to that degree experience life and joy while still in the body.’ “

Week 15: QA 192: “ ‘My need to be perfect is an unrealistic need; I do not really need that. I do not need it because it is not true. I am not perfect. I am human, and as a human being I incorporate the best but also the low qualities. And I want to get to know these low qualities without fear and without diminishing myself.’ ”

Week 16: Lecture 165: Now you must learn to honestly register and endure your feelings. You can begin by emphasizing in your meditations: “I would like to know, experience, and feel what I really feel.”

Week 17: Lecture QA229: “If you can accept and love yourself, you can give and be happy and you can function as a rich, abundant, nourishing being. And only then can you also feel deserving of all the abundance that is truly available for you.”

Week 18: Lecture 258: “If you work, rest, play, live, move, and have your being in harmony with your unique rhythm pattern, you will live a much more fruitful, creative, joyful, and peaceful life.”

Week 19: Lecture 173: “The center in the solar plexus region is the channel of communication with the inner wisdom of cosmic truth.”